Privacy Policy

Any individual whose information or data is shared with Green City Hospital is entitled to our commitment to safeguard their right to privacy. We value your privacy and make every effort to secure the data we collect from you, the User, with the utmost care. The Information Technology Act of 2000’s Section 43A and the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Policies and Processes and Sensitive Personal Information) Regulations of 2011 are two examples of the laws we abide by in this respect.

In particular, when you use the website, this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to the collection, storage, processing, disclosure, and transfer of your Personal Information (described below) in accordance with the aforementioned laws.

You, the User (registered or unregistered) of the Website and/or Services, are referred to as “You” or “Your” in these terms. We, We, and Our are all references to Green City Hospital.


Via Our Website, we automatically and directly gather Your Personal Information from You. The kind of device You are using, the time you entered on to Our Website, Your IP address, and other Personal Information as specified in Clause 5 below are only a few examples of this Personal Information.

You may access the Personal Information you’ve supplied to us by following the instructions below. By contacting Us at the email address provided below, you may also opt to share additional personal information with us and make changes to your personal information.

We bear in mind that you have access to the Personal Information that you have given. You can contact Us by email at the address provided in Clause 15.

Responsibility for your personal data

You have the right to revoke your permission at any time, as long as you notify us in writing by email and make the request for revocation. In accordance with Paragraph 15.1 of this Policy, you may write to us if you desire to correct any Personal Information that we may have gathered about you in order to provide you with customised services and offers. Please provide a justification for the correction in your letter.

When you withdraw your consent to the sharing of the personal information we have obtained, we reserve the right not to use it for those purposes and to prevent you from accessing our services or website.

Information gathered about individuals

The following list is not exhaustive of the types of information We get about You:

  • Name of the patient, carer, doctor, or other healthcare provider, birth date or age, gender, address (including country, pin number, or postal code), phone number or cell number, and email address
  • Condition of your physical, physiological, and mental health as reported by you or your health care provider
  • medical history, personal records,
  • valid financial data at the time of product or service purchase and/or online payment,
  • User information as submitted at signup or later, Login ID and password
  • Records of communications with Green City Hospital representatives, information about how You use the Service, including the frequency, length, and pattern of your use, the features you use, the amount of storage you use, Master and transaction data, and other information stored in Your user account, are all referred to as “Personal Information” collectively.
  • data from biometrics
  • DNA Information
  • Intersex Status Transgender Caste or tribe status
  • Political or religious convictions or associations
  • Sexual preference

Information gathering practises

We may get your personal information through a variety of techniques, including but not restricted to:

  • On the patient registration form that you complete
  • When You reveal information to a Green City Hospital healthcare professional or representative
  • When You submit forms On Our Website When You Provide Us Personal Information When Receiving Services
  • When You utilise the functions on Our Website When You provide other websites access

Usage of personal data

Your personal data may be used or processed for a number of things, including but not restricted to:

  • To deliver efficient Services
  • to maintain and enhance our services and/or the website
  • To conduct research, study, and analysis in order to enhance Our information, analysis, services, and technologies. To do this, we also make sure that the presented material is tailored to Your interests and preferences.
  • For appointments, technical concerns, payment reminders, bargains and offers, and other notifications, to call, text, or email you
  • To send marketing emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages from Us or any of Our channel partners.
  • To administrate or otherwise carry out Our duties in respect to any agreement You have with us To share with our business partners for the provision of certain services you have bought in order for them to effectively serve You
  • To create your online profile; To respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process; To establish or exercise Our legal rights or defend against legal claims; To look into, stop, or do something about illegal activities, suspected fraud, violations of our Terms of Use, breaches of our contract with you, or as otherwise required by law


We place a high priority on the security of your personal information. To safeguard the security of the Personal Information acquired, we have implemented acceptable security policies and processes, such as role-based access and need-to-know basis, password protection, encryption, etc. Our and Our affiliates’ employees, agents, third-party service providers, partners, and agencies only have access to your Personal Information when they require it for the purposes outlined above in this Policy.

You accept that although We will make every effort to keep any information about You that We possess safe and prevent unauthorised access, the internet is not always secure and that We cannot give any absolute assurance regarding the security of Your Personal Information. We won’t be held responsible in any way for any security lapses, inadvertent data losses, or disclosures of your personal information that We may cause.

Personal information storage period

When you stop using the Services or Website, we must keep Your Personal Information on file for at least three years, or as long as the law may demand.


Please contact us in writing if you have any issues or complaints about how your personal information is handled. We’ll make an effort to fix Your problems quickly.