Anaesthesiology is the medical specialty that deals with the administration of anaesthesia, which is the use of medications to block the sensation of pain and induce a state of unconsciousness or partial unconsciousness. Anaesthesiologists are physicians who are specially trained to provide anesthesia and manage the patient’s vital functions during surgery, as well as in other medical procedures.

Anaesthesiologists are responsible for evaluating the patient’s medical history and current health status to determine the most appropriate anaesthesia technique for the procedure, monitor the patient’s vital signs throughout the procedure, adjust the anaesthesia as needed, and manage any complications that may arise during or after the procedure.

Why choose Green City Hospital for Anaesthiology?

Green City Hospitals performance as a major trauma and surgical centre is actually based on the success of our anaesthesiology unit, which is made up of a team of highly skilled and experienced anaesthesiologists and well updated Medical and Paramedical professionals. This team’s broad breadth of medical knowledge and acute medical insight have greatly aided in our rising stature as the premier facility for minimally invasive surgery and other surgical procedures.

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    Green City HospitalServe Anaesthesia in

    • Neuro anaesthesia
    • Labour pain management
    • Chronic pain management
    • Surgical patients (from neonatal to geriatric)
    • Acute pain management
    • Ambulatory anaesthesia
    • Paediatric anaesthesia
    • Cardiothoracic anesthesia
    • Anaesthesia for MRI
    • Obstetrical anaesthesia
    • Anaesthesia for liver transplantation
    • Critical care medicine

    Types of Anaesthesia

    General Anaesthesia

    During general anaesthesia, you are completely asleep and don’t know where you are. During general anaesthesia, several drugs can be used. Some are administered via a breathing tube or a mask and are anaesthetic gases or vapours. To alleviate pain, relax the muscles, and promote sleep, several drugs are administered intravenously.

    Regional Anaesthesia

    Makes a part of the body numb so that the person doesn’t feel pain. It could completely cut off feeling in the body part that needs surgery. Local anaesthesia is given by the anaesthesiologist to the group of nerves that send sensations to that area (numbing medication).

    Local Anaesthesia

    When injected with a needle or put on the skin, these medicines numb a small area. For some procedures, like stitching up a deep cut or filling a tooth cavity, a local anaesthetic may be enough to take away the pain. It is often used together with sedation during minor outpatient surgery. At the end of different procedures, the surgeon may give you a local anaesthetic to help you feel less pain as you heal.


    The most potent type of anaesthetic, general anaesthesia renders patients unconscious throughout operation. It is often used for sophisticated, drawn-out procedures like a hip replacement and is given through breathing mask or IV.

    The care of patients before, during, and after surgical procedures, labour and delivery, as well as some interventional procedures, is the responsibility of the medical speciality of anaesthesiology.

    The safest type of anaesthesia is local anaesthesia, which is given as an injection to numb just the part of the body where the surgery is being done. Patients rarely feel pain or itching where the injection was given.

    Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)

    Although the majority of healthy people can withstand this temporary hypotension, cardiac arrest has been reported to happen after the injection of spinal or epidural anaesthetics. Patients with a history of heart disease who are getting neuraxial anaesthesia require special attention.

    The effects of an anaesthetic might last anywhere from a few minutes to many hours, depending on its nature.After 24 hours, the majority of general anaesthetics are gone from the body. Certain anaesthetics, however, can stay in the body for up to 48 hours.